Saturday, January 30, 2010


If you enjoy teaching or tutoring, or maybe you need help with homework assignments, want to learn a new language or improve your area of study, this is the right site for you.

Wyzant is an in-home tutoring service that offers a wide array of subjects for you to choose from. Sign up online and arrange to meet with your student or tutor. Nothing beats a live teaching or tutoring session.

How to Get Started

Follow this link, answer every question as accurately as possible because you should and they need real information to pay taxes. Your application will be reviewed, then you will need to become certified in each subject that interest you.

What Is Required For Certification

Wyzant is committed to selecting qualified tutors. Be sure to select courses that you are able to and confident about tutoring. The tests are short and the questions are like those that you find in teacher certification programs or on test preparation websites. The score depends on the test you take which is only 10 points higher or lower than the other. They generally certify you in general education subjects; otherwise, you must prove your qualifications by mail if instructed to do so.

Will You Be an Employee

By becoming a tutor for Wyzant does not mean that you are an employee. They offer an independent contractural agreement. Read it thoroughly because once you sign it you are bound to follow it by law. You or Wyzant can easily terminate the contract whenever you want to, just read the terms of use, review the FAQ and email them if your questions were not answered.

How Are You Paid

The beauty of tutoring for Wyzant is that you get to tell them how much you want to be paid. The competition offers tutors a $10/hour starting pay or suggests an average charge of $50 to $60/hour. Wyzant suggests that you start with $40/hour. You can go higher or lower--it is your call.

If you are new to tutoring, what you can do is visit to view and calculate the base pay for teachers since this research did not come up with anything for tutors. Take a look at the percentage of the fee that Wyzant will give you and add it to your take home amount. If you want to take home $20 and Wyzant want to give you 60% of your fee, then divide $20 by 60% (20/60%=$33.33). Your hourly fee will be $33 or $34. Round it up or down--no one wants to pay pennies. You can also determine the average fee based upon what Wyzant tutors charge.

The more you tutor, the more you will make. Once you meet their required hours, your percentage return will be as high as 80%, so think about that, your experience and the economy when you are pricing. As the dollar grows stronger, you can always increase your fee, but do it over a time. Do not give any signs of instability or greed.

Twice a month, you will receive a check or direct deposit for your hard work. In addition, Wyzant gives rewards such as money back, vacation get away, or a ticket to Chicago to meet the people who makes learning and tutoring happen. See how it works.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Student

The amount of time it takes to tutor involves how soon you become certified, the amount of subject areas you want to tutor, and the time you put in to tutoring. It is good to do a research to see what times students often request for your availability before creating your schedule.

Are You a Student

If you are searching for a tutor to help you improve your English, grammar, reading, writing skills, or maybe you are a Spanish native wanting to learn the language, by enrolling here, you will have the opportunity to negotiate your tutoring price, meeting place and time. Push forward into a more focused future!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google Programs

Google is one of the most popular names in the Internet business. It offers free services such as web browsing, online mapping, e-mailing and social networking. This article focuses on their advertising products. Google uses different methods of advertising and helps website owners receive pay for publishing by following steps to have ads placed on their websites.

Google AdSense

AdSense enables website owners to run ads, which includes texts, images and videos on their websites. Advertisers post relevant ads on their pages and they earn money just for advertising links on Google's behalf. They receive pay for impressions and each click. After approving the website, Google calls the owner a Publisher.

Google AdWords

AdWords allow advertisers to place banners and text on owner's websites. The owner gets pay for each click. In addition, you may also advertise your business. If you are not a website owner, Google will create a page for you, for free. They give you the opportunity to be paid even if you choose not to join any of their programs.

Google Affiliate Network

Affiliate Network is a group of business owners associated with Google. Website owners have to market their site to the affiliate, and if considered, for every customer that makes a purchase, owners receive a percentage of that sale and from resulting referrals. As a Publisher, they may be eligible to enter affiliates’ rewards programs. Google pays the Publisher.

Launching the Programs

Getting started in any or all of these programs is easy. Before you begin, if you already have a website, ensure that the contents match Google’s standards. Make sure that you have cleaned it up (edit, delete) as best as possible. Also, if it does not have a theme, create a new one because one of the keys to enrollment is placing ads that have specific content.

All of these elements are essential because they determine whether your application is accepted or rejected. Google especially scrutinizes content and traffic. If your website is new, they do not expect you to have traffic, but develop as much useful information as possible and you may get lucky.

If your website has many views, get paid already. If you know how to build one, what are you waiting for? If you need a web designer or host, that may be even better because you could pay them to advertise for you, which will generate income sooner.


Apart from getting a marketing company to popularize your website, you can get visitors by word of mouth in forums; signing up to social networks such as facebook, myspace, or twitter; forwarding emails about your website and requesting that your friends do likewise; attaching its link to your signature; piggybacking on persons you know will link your website to theirs; exchanging traffic with others whose main purpose is to get new and repeated visitors and hits; and posting information on message boards, or other creative means.

Additional Information

Google provides all the information that you need to know on how to setup their programs and make money. They have videos, help forums and other resources and they ask for feedback, which ensures you that they will adjust the data if necessary.

Work Failure

Sometimes people fail at programs or offers of this nature because they enter them blindly and think "no work" is involved. Once you designate time to properly build your site and learn all you need to know about Google AdSense, Google AdWords and Google Affiliate Network, the money will follow and you will receive more than you probably expect.

Fictitious Companies/Ads

Beware of companies passing themselves off as Google, or acting as if they are sales agents for Google. They offer so-called free advice, books, links, and DVDs that they say you can use to learn everything Google does not want you to know about becoming financially successful.

Note: These companies usually say that you only have to pay for shipping, and sometimes you land on a page that does not allow you to opt out, or it urges you that the offer is good for a limited time. If a timer is not set, when you close the page an agent asks you to chat. Try asking them specific information about the program, they never know. Now that there are so many complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (, they are probably aware of this and may be educating their agents. The bureau is one way of finding out if the company is legit.


Google programs are free to register at When your application is accepted, you will need guidance to make them effective, which is why they have a number of resources to further break down the process of using their programs.

If you are not somewhat computer savvy; understand some technological words such as site feeds, or HTML; and do not know how to browse the Internet for other resources that may further explain how their programs work, then implementing it and earning revenue will be compromised.

I came across a very interesting website that really holds your hands while explaining how to use Adsense. The website's owner’s name is Lisa Irby. She is so knowledgeable you would think that she works for Google. In fact, although she does not support personal or linkable websites or blogs, reading her information, which seems to be thoroughly researched, but definitely "experienced" (L. Irby), inspired me to create She is adamant about not exchanging links, so you would have to do your own research to learn how she became a successful Adsense Publisher to receive checks sooner rather than later.

Remember, if the website is not, you could be signing up with the wrong company. After clicking on their links, let them take you where you need to go.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The link above encourages you to socialize on the Net. It used to pay for discussions until 2013. Now you can only see the many ways you can share your thoughts and learn what others are thinking. Although the site no longer pays, it connects you with many users who have tested several, if not tons of money-making opportunities.

How-to Articles

The How-to Articles link is for persons interested in writing and/or videography and want to be paid for or more for their talent or just make money from everyday experiences. This is one of the most leading risidual-income site. If you know how to do it, why not record or write about it.